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Mission Statement

Builiding your bare board PCBs is the key core of our business at NTC Circuits. Whether you need a few boards fast, or a lot of boards on a schedule; whether you need simple pinout/breakout boards or highly complex RF/Microwave boards, NTC Circuits can offer a good service that fits your needs well.  We can provide different service levels, each optimized to a common set of customer needs. Our 7x24hours service can allow us to review and check all specifications for your board order whenever you need, and then optimize your order to fit within your functional, budget and leadtime constraints.   We invite you to explore our services here. But rest assured, our capability and quality level will help you get the best value and results for your boards, whichever service you end up using.You can count us for the following competencies below




Tests on PCBs

  Solderability test: To verify that all pads on the pcb board are solderable

  Ionic contamination test: Reliability experts confirm that roughly 30% of PCBA failures are due to ionic contamination of the bare pcb,and only 2% of contaminated pcbs rejected and sent back to the pcb hourse for re-cleaning.95% of China pcb manufacturers can not do Ionic test Newtrend can do this test to monitor the level of ionic contamination if customers need

  Electrial testing: Electrial testing is a kind of test to check the shorts and opens in the pcb board

  XRF analysis: Our XFR analysis&testing systems allows a non-destructive method to determine what alloy a pcb board  consists of ,and make all pcbs comply with ROHS standards

  Visual Inspection: Visual inspection criteria employed by Newtrend adheres to the standards IDEA-STD-1010-B,MIL-STD-883G and the mechanical dimension criteria of product data sheets

Leadtime(Limit)   Rigid PCB

  24hours(2layers), 2days(4layers), 3days(6&8layers)

  Flex PCB

  2days(1&2layers), 4days(4layers)

  Flex-Rigid PCB

  4days(2layers), 6days(4layers), 8days(6&8layers)

  Alu core PCB

  1days(1layer),  4days(2layers), 6days(4layers)


* Be top 5 factories in China

* Provide full turnkey service

* Keep improving technology

* The best partner of your design

* Continuous investment in technology


"I have been very impressed with Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD's service.Now we are buying pcbs directly from China pcb house for cost reduction and stable quality."- Marc from Canada

"Excellent manufacturing capability! I never thought newtrend could build such complicated pcbs.Never buy pcbs again from our local broker owing to high price and inferior quality."--Micheal from Germany

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