PCB Engineering Services


Mission Statement

Our engineering team can offer expert consulting and assistance for our customers during the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) stages or prior to PCB production, including:

Verifying all production parameters in a DFM system

IPC files checking


Review of all layers (traces, silk, solder, drilling holes, and additional processes)

Preparation of production documentation

Advice of cost reduction

Our engineering team is available to answer any queries raised by your team.Our experience in pcb manufacuring and assembly can help us to build a bridge between designers and factory .It can make our customers get the highest quality products with a reasonable pricing  We use the latest CAD tools to ensure all designs perform to expectations, and provide:

Panelization design

Controlled impedance calculations

Advice of various types of surface finish

Advice on choosing the optimal laminates and raw material

Layers stackup design

Advice of cost reduction

Advice of modifications to original pcb files

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