PCB Manufacturing

        PCB manufacturing, from prototype to large scale production or simple to complex is a complex job.PCBs place a key role in the whole electronics industry. Not every PCB manufacturing company can be reliable. With so many PCB manufacturing companies in China, it is not easy to select one. We are in the field of electronics PCB assembly industry for the past over 20 years and with our experience.


       We can meet your expectations in terms of design,manufacturing,leadtime&cost effectiveness.We can provide PCBs of High Reliability, RF/Microwave Antenna, PCBs for the Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications and Medical Devices.


       At Newtrend Circuits we can understand completely your technical requirements and what you are really looking for.Our in-depth knowledge in China PCB industry will help to optimize your PCB files and advice on cost down initiatives,and high quality remains the same.There are always conflicts between quality and price,but we have been working hard to slove this contradiction by optimizing PCB files,improving efficiency of manufacturing and adopting new technology.We are a top China PCB manufactuer you should count on which can offer you competitive terms,quality and delivery assurance that help you stand out.our business philosophy is that we always make a commitment to the continuous improvment of our PCB serive to our customers.

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