Components procurement

       NTC circuits provides a unique electronic components procurement service to support our customers’ needs, as well as to complement our in-house PCB Manufacture and Assembly Services.


       Our team are experts in sourcing and also kitting electronic components from outlets around the world; this is due to our strong trading relationships and significant buying power through leading electronic components manufacturers and also franchised distributors. Therefore, we are well placed to service your every need.


      Obsolete and rare components are a problem to us all; this is when you need NTC circuits'ability to network with and source components from reliable, trustworthy and professional suppliers, therefore, we can keep your production schedules on track. An extra service that we offer is to check the credentials of certain components; this is an effective service especially where counterfeit components could be suspected.


       All components are expertly procured through our global quality assured suppliers, which therefore enable for them to be traced back to their source to ISO 9001:2008 compliant standards.Our service of full turnkey can make your work easily and quickly.

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